Cop or Drop? Adidas Originals Stan Smith X Stan Smith

Goooooood morning USAAAAAA, I got a feeling the 18th is going to be a wonderful day!

Corny intros aside, Adidas Originals is planning on releasing the shoe on October 18th. As a limited edition collab celebrating the show American Dad’s new home at TBS, the shoe is bound to sell out in a matter of minutes.

The shoe, named after tennis star Stan Smith, is getting a new look to pay tribute to the main character of Seth Macfarlane’s hit show, American Dad. The shoe will have an embroidered logo of the cartoon dad’s face on the tongue, and will also have an American Dad themed insole.

With the $140 price tag, as well as its limited status, this shoe seems like a must cop for collectors. Not to mention they’ll probably also look clean AF on feet. With some pin-rolled jeans and a funky pair of socks, you’ll be breaking the necks of sneakerheads and fashion fans alike.

Will you be copping the signature shoes? Let me know down below (heh, that rhymed)
adidas-originals-stan-smith-american-dad-01 adidas-originals-stan-smith-american-dad-02


One thought on “Cop or Drop? Adidas Originals Stan Smith X Stan Smith

  1. Had higher expectations for these. Best part of the shoe was put in the insole where no one can see. Charging double for pretty much the same shoe was a dick move by Adidas. Nevertheless these will sell out in a heart beat


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