The Legend of Korra: Book 4 Season Premier

Today, the season premier of The Legend of Korra aired on This marks the beginning of the final season of the show, which has taken a somewhat rocky road.

At the tail end of last season, Nick completely cut the show from its Friday night time-slot and went online-only via Many speculate that this decision was due to low viewership, which can be attributed to a plague of illegal streams and lack of faith from Nick execs.

While many saw the sudden move as a death sentence for the cult hit, the show benefited in a sense. First, the fact that the show was now available for free in HD on the Nick website, illegal streams dipped dramatically. Also, the fact that the show was off the air, it was able to take some risks. Notably with the action scenes becoming more violent, as well as *minor spoiler alert* the first time in the Avatar franchise that a character was shown being murdered.

Book 4, entitled: Balance, will be the last season of the series, and for right now it doesn’t look to disappoint. The season premier can be viewed here. Enjoy.

As always, let us know what you thought of the episode, and what do you hope to see throughout the season.

ps: comments containing spoilers will be deleted.

pps: I am aware that i dropped a slight spoiler in my post but this is my website and i can do what i want… *Kanye Shrug*


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