Childish Gambino’s Kauai has launched on iTunes

Just in case you haven’t gotten enough of Gambino in the last 24 hours, he’s back once again with the second part of his project entitled: STN MTN // Kauai. Chances are, it released a bit earlier than planned…

At midnight, Gambino sent out this tweet regarding the project:

This half of STN MTN // Kauai is a lot different from this counterpart. This section is much less about bars and has more R&B and Indie vibes. In fact, 90% of Gambino’s voice is singing.

This EP, if you will, will run you $6.99 on iTunes, but if you’re a cheap bastard (or college student), you can either A) stream it on Spotify, or B) download the leak which is apparently out there on the internet somewhere.

Also listen closely to the 3005 remix, as it may possibly lead you to a bonus track.

Let me know in the comment section below what you think of Kauai.


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