Bill Maher and Ben Affleck enter heated debate over Islamic Extremism

On Friday night’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher along with Sam Harris, author of the book Waking Up, got into a rather headed argument with actor Ben Affleck over the seemingly bigoted view that an overwhelming majority of Muslims hold extremists views and principles.

 Batman Ben Affleck defended the faith by saying that it is bigoted as well as impossible to assume that an overwhelming majority of the world’s second largest religion could have radical views such as those held by Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Harris brought up the point arguing that you should be allowed to make generalizations of a religious group without being labeled as a bigot (which is literally the definition of being a bigot, but…). Affleck brings up some important points, saying tat making these kinds of generalizations based on the actions of fringe groups of Islamic extremists would be the same as making generalizations of Jews and African-Americans.

You can see a majority of the debate here, but you should be warned that it may leave you a bit frustrated. Also, refrain from reading the comments on the video, because that’s even more frustrating.

As always, leave a comment below about what you thought of the situation. Was Maher in the wrong, or was Affleck simply just overreacting?


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