Mourinho and Wenger duke it out as Chelsea beats Arsenal 2-0

Ain’t nothing like a good ol’ London derby, huh? This time around (like most times) Chelsea beat Arsenal in a very entertaining 2-0 win.

This year’s derby was a lot more competitive, considering last year’s game between the clubs ended in a decisive 6-0 win for the Blues.

The first goal came from a 27th minute penalty from Eden Hazard, and while Arsenal continued to pressure, they could not do enough to find the net. An impressive goal from Diego Costa (who else?) put the final nail in the coffin, putting Chelsea up by 2 over the gunners.

Perhaps the most entertaining point of the match however, was the 20th minute altercation between Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, which can be seen here:

The rivalry between the two is deeply rooted as Wenger has never been able to best Mourinho in 12 attempts, and there is no sign of that record looking any better for him in the future.

This win propelled Chelsea even further in the standings, as they now sit 5 points above the table with 19 points. A full list of the Premier League table can be found here.

Were you watching the game? Let me know in the comment section below. Also, what are your predictions for the upcoming season?


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