Music Video: Childish Gambino- “Telegraph Ave”

The song “Telegraph Ave” from Gambino’s latest studio album, Because the Internet has just released. Gambino’s choice for the female lead is an interesting one.

As a matter of fact, the whole video, for lack of a better word, is interesting. The video has some absolutely gorgeous shots. In terms of cinematography, it’s probably one of the most well produced music videos of the year.

Of course, Gambino’s love interest in the video is none other than Jhené Aiko. Rumors have been spreading for about a year now as to if the two are an item, and while they both deny the claim, their chemistry in the video may have people thinking otherwise.

It should be worth noting however that the screenplay that narrates the album may be the inspiration for the video, which is why Gambino and Aiko are a couple in the video. This theory could probably pass as accurate, until the latter half of the video, where it gets weird… like really weird.

Jhené and Gambino’s characters are posing for a picture at the beach, and the camera assumes the perspective of the photographer. All of a sudden, the music stops and the man gives a suspicious look and continues to walk away.

At the end of the video, the man returns, and without spoiling the video, stuff goes from 0 to 100 (more like 20 to 100 to be honest) real quick in terms of weirdness. I’ll just leave this here:

Yeah… The end of the video reminds me of two things in particular: the flood, from Halo, and this. Whatever that is.

In any case, leave a comment below with your reaction to the video. I gotta reflect on this for a while…


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