Jordan Brand Releases Manga-Themed Teaser Trailer

Yesterday, Jordan Brand released a 30 second long manga-themed trailer with a 48-hour countdown at the end. Hmmmm…

While the upcoming Slam Dunk 6’s weren’t actually hinted at, the fact that the video has anime/manga themes led many to speculate that an announcement will be made regarding the shoes at the end of the countdown.

Here’s the video:

For the non-otaku’s out there, Slam Dunk was a popular anime from the 90’s which centered around basketball, similar to recent hit anime: Kuroko no Basket. In the anime, the characters would often be seen rocking Air Jordan’s, which is probably why the two are having a collab shoe dropping on November 1.

Speaking of which, The shoes, which can be seen below, are most like going to be some of the hardest cops of the year, and will most likely run in super-duper limited quantities, so even if your thinking about trying to get a pair be prepared to be disappointed.

Slam dunk 6’s:


Who knows what the countdown will really announce? I guess we’ll just have o wait until tomorrow to find out. Either way, make sure you check back here on for update news for the Slam Dunk’s, as well as more information regarding upcoming releases.


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