*UPDATE* The Air Jordan 6 “Slam Dunk” Will Be Released In A Pack

according to Sneaker Rumors’ Facebook page, the good folks over at Jordan Brand will be releasing the Slam Dunks in a pack shown below. Cue the collective groans…

Just a few hours after this article was posted announcing a video from Jordan Brand possibly regarding the highly anticipated Slam Dunk 6’s, it seems like we will finally know what will be announced at the end of the countdown in the video.


BRUHHH. What is this? Jordan Brand is releasing this knowing damn well that no one is going to get the second pair. Which is why the Slam Dunks will basically sell for $500 at retail now. On the November 1st, Ebay will be completely flooded with posts for the pair that no one wants. And that kids, is how you scam people out of $500. Well played Jordan, well played…

*UPDATE* 10/15 11:55 AM

So it turns out that this announcement is in fact what “Project X” is, as reported just now by Freshness Mag. The pack will hit the shelves of select Jordan Brand retailers on October 18 (yup, THIS Saturday).

While there’s no word yet on what the pack will retail for, expect the pack to be up there in price.

This article will continue to be updated when more information is gathered


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