Static Shock Set To Have Live-Action Digital Reboot

There is great news over at Warner Bros. regarding animated and live-action reboots of DC spinoffs. One of which will be a live-action version of Cartoon Network’s hit show “Static Shock”

According to this article by Variety, Warner Bros. recently announced the creation of Blue Ribbon Content, a studio aimed at creating live-action and animated projects for digital media.

The studio already has a few projects slated for development. While some are original concepts, spinoffs and reboots are also in the mix.

This includes an unnamed Mortal Kombat spinoff, a satirical version of TED talks featuring technologies and ideas from the DC universe entitled “RejecTED”, and a live-action reboot of “Static Shock”.

While there is no concrete timetable for any of these projects, it’s a safe bet that a majority will either air or begin development in 2015. Warner Bros. plans on announcing further information in the coming months.

For “Static Shock” in particular, it will be quite interesting to see how they adapt the series into a live-action project.

The series is going to be brought to us by Reginald Hudlin, a man who produced “Django Unchained,” wrote and directed “House Party,” and executive produced and directed “The Bernie Mac Show.”

It’s safe to say the series is in good hands.

A few questions still remain: will it be grittier and more adult, or is it going to stick to the TV show’s level of violence and mischief? Who’s gonna play Static? Since Hollywood seems to LOVE casting Chadwick Boseman as black figures (Jackie Robinson, James Brown), it wouldn’t be that surprising as a casting choice.

Back in August, Boseman was guest on The Breakfast Club, and in his interview he ducked the rumor that he was approached to play Black Panther, a superhero in the Marvel Universe.

If he keeps getting hurt, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III can put his hair to good use and play the electrifying hero.

See for yourself:

robert-griffin-iii-rg3-covers-nike-logo-01 Static


Anyhow, leave a comment below with your thoughts regarding the project, and remember to keep yourself updated with upcoming developments on JamesBattle360.


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