Music Video: KYLE- Don’t Wanna Fall In Love

There really aren’t enough good things to say about Kyle, and this Beautiful Loser blesses his fans yet again with a fun, quirky music video for his newest single entitled: “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love”

Kyle, a young rapper out of Ventura, CA, is one of the most popular “slept on” artists around.

With recent appearences on 106&Park (yes, that still exists), recent radio plays on LA radio stations, and with this video itself dropping on RevoltTV, the 20 year old is definitely started to get the recognition he deserves.

For those who haven’t heard his music before, it would be a good idea to start getting a feel for his unique style by listening to his latest mixtape: Beautiful Loser .

His style (musically and otherwise) is highly influenced by the 90’s, and this video proves that. From the sounds to the visuals, this video takes us back to a happier time, while still being quite modern as well.

This video is GREAT by the way. The concept is fun, and it’s actually pretty funny. A few moments might actually have you laughing out loud.

It’s quite often that music videos have absolutely NOTHING to do with the songs, and the fact that this video not only relates to the song, but it is also enjoyable is quite refreshing.

Well done, Kyle.

Here’s the video for “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love”. Enjoy:

Leave a comment below with what you thought of the video!


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