Music Video: Big Sean- IDFWU

We all know that Big Sean doesn’t f*** with you, but do we f*** with this music video?

Big Sean’s music video for his recent hit IDFWU is a love it/hate it deal.

Many argue that the video doesn’t go with the video at all (which is true). Big Sean is supposed to be a high school quarterback, which strikes many as odd considering he probably benches as much as Spongebob when he gets anchor arms.

The video has cameos from DJ Mustard, Kanye West, Teyana Taylor, and of course, E-40.

The cameos are easily the highlight of the videos and you will be quite entertained seeing Kanye West as a head coach.

Sean also has a love interest in the video, but she seems irrelevant and is introduced in an odd way. You aren’t really sure if it’s a flashback or foreshadowing, but either way, her character is irrelevant, albeit sexy.

Anyways, take a look for yourself, and event though B.I.G might not f*** with you, I sure do, reader!

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